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en them. Upon the sentiment thus expressed much of great importance to Germany and to Europe depends. Brief as has been the career of the present German Empire among nations, its history already covers one very remarkable and complete volte face on economic subjects, and the beginnings of what promises to be a second and almost as sweeping change. Up to 1876, with Delbr uuml ck as President of the Chancellery and Camphau.sen as Minister of Finance, Germany stood for as liberal a spirit of international trade relations as at least any other nation on the Continent. But in that year Bismarck, by a combination of the various Conservative factions which leaned toward high tariffs, inaugurated a Protectionist policy which forced these Ministers out and ranged the German Empire definitely on the other side of the economic wall. To the end of Bismarck s rule, Germany steadily drifted away from Free Trade and toward the ideals of Russia, Thibet, and the Republican party in the United States. But even before Bismarck s fall it became apparent that the dotMobi Certification young Emperor took broader views on this subject than his Chancellor, and during the past year several important steps have dotMobi been taken toward bringing Germany forward once more into line with modern conceptions of emancipated trade. A liberal dotMobi it exam Treaty of Commerce has been signed with Austro Hungary the precursor, it is believed

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